Belt alignment tool FAQS

QWhat's the application of SKF oil injection

AThe 226400 E series is suitable for many applications using the oil injection method. The injector is supplied with an oil reservoir in a compact carrying case. The injector can be mounted directly onto the work piece or connected to an adapter block to make a floor standing model, making it easy to connect pressure gauges and high pressure pipes.

QWhat's the SKF Oil Injection Method

AThe SKF Oil Injection Method allows bearings and other components with an interference fit to be fitted in a safe, controllable and rapid manner. The method does not require keyways to be machined on the shaft, saving valuable time and money in materials and production. Interference fits (also known as shrink fits) have long been recognised for their reliability in transmitting large torsional loads. Very often, interference fits offer the only solution when connecting hubs to shafts with intermittent or fluctuating loads.

QWhat's the benefits of Induction heaters

AFeatures and benefits A: Induction coil located outside the heater’s housing enables a shorter heating time and lower energy consumption B: Foldable bearing support arms allow larger diameter bearings to be heated, and reduce the risk of the bearing toppling during heating C: Magnetic temperature probe, combined with a temperature mode pre-set at 110 °C (230 °F), helps prevent bearing overheating D; Unique SKF remote control, with operating display and control panel, makes the heater easy and safe to use E: Internal yoke storage, for smaller yoke(s), reduces the risk of yoke damage or loss F: Integrated carrying handles allow for easy movement of the heater in the workshop G: Sliding or swivel arm allows for easy and quick bearing replacement, reducing operator fatigue (not for TIH 030m)

QWhat's the application of TIH L MB series induction heaters

AThe induction heaters TIH L MB are specially designed to heat solid work pieces. These include rings, sleeves, gears, couplings, bushings and pulleys, as well as train wheels, tires or similar components. Featuring one magnetic coil in the center, these powerful and durable heaters localize the heating in the workpiece bore for superior performance on solid components. The TIH L MB series provides the following advantages for quick and effective heating of solid workpieces: Simple and safe operation with remote-control and power level selection Superior heating performance for solid workpieces with low energy consumption Quick and easy placement of solid components with sliding yoke Automatic demagnetization reduces risk of ferrous debris contamination Easy handling and transport with standard forklift